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BH-18 Flood Auger

BH-18 Flood Auger Operating Features

  • Truck mount frame assembly, Fits in a 6’ box

  • OPTIONAL mounts to a trailer,  comes with self- contained power unit and hydraulics

  • Honda 20 horsepower engine or Isuzu Diesel engine

  • 6’ Hydraulic feed system

  • 18” Auger (19” Cutter head)

  • Night lighting /safety strobe

  • High quality hydraulic components

  • Aeroquip ice hose (for cold weather)

  • 75 Liter hydraulic tank

  • Center stabilizer auger shaft

  • 10 to 15 GPM supplied from a PTO or belt drive under the hood hydraulic pump

Download the BH-18 brochure in PDF format:

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