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Ross Industries Ltd. has a well rounded machine shop located in Creighton, Saskatchewan. We can build pretty much anything for mining, construction, forestry, etc., including repairs and rebuilds. We are also capable of designing with Solidworks 3D design software.

Big Ice Manufacturing, Big Ice Services, and Big Ice Heavy Haul all operate under the Ross Industries Ltd. umbrella.

We build structural ice to suit all your winter projects.  We build ice pads for diamond drill rigs, bridge crossings for hauling logs or freight, and ice roads.  We have carried out ice projects throughout northern Canada from Quebec to the Yukon and Northwest Territories.  

We also do soil sampling and line cutting in the warmer months, setting up camps in remote locations as required. 

Our most recent division is Big Ice Heavy Haul which hauls heavy equipment.  We've been hauling our own heavy equipment for many years and have now expanded to move yours, safely and efficiently.

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Our unique advantage is that we have the resources within our family of divisions to customize our equipment.  That enables us to evolve, suiting the needs of any project.  We believe in continuous improvement with our teams, our equipment maintenance, and with innovation to our existing flooding and spray units.     

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