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B-55 Flood Pump

We built our B-55 flood pump specifically for serious ice road building. It has a superior design that has repeatedly proven to build Canadian ice roads with structural integrity.

When ice doesn’t form fast enough to allow winter road access for large loads, the B-55 will help get the job done.

See below for many reasons why our B-55 flood pump is your best choice.

B-55 Flood Pump Operating Features

  • Strong durable aluminum and stainless construction. 

  • A recoil start (easy start) 163 cc, 5.5 HP 4-stroke, GxV-160 Honda Commercial engine.

  • Grease bearings which have superior sealing, mobility and non-corrosion properties. The bearings also prevent overheating.

  • Weatherproof seals that ensure the operation isn’t affected by cold weather

  • Rustproof fasteners add to the longevity of the pump.

             The B-55 flood pump measures 33" high, 20" long, and weighs only 68 pounds. 


B-55 Flood Pump


Alaska Model with longer intake tube for working on slab ice in the ocean (special order only)

Top benefits of the Big Ice B-55 Flood Pump

The Big Ice B-55 has many aspects that make ours the premium choice. Some of the most notable benefits include:

The B-55 is specifically built for ice flooding operations over rivers, streams and lakes in Canada.  The pump can be moved as needed by drilling holes 2-3 meters apart and running the pump in each for a while before moving to the next hole until the desired thickness is achieved.  This results in a winter ice road that is stronger and able to bear the weight of heavy equipment effectively.(Please see our Ice Safety page for the Best Practice guide for Building and Working Safely on Ice


 It has a 5.5 HP, 4 stroke engine which is more powerful than most competing flood pumps on the market today. The 4-stroke engine offers a high water volume output, ideal for commercial ice road building purposes.

-  The B-55 is capable of pumping 120,000 liters or 26,000 gallons of water per hour, ideal for serious

ice road building applications.

- The pump is constructed with aluminum and stainless steel which makes it very durable.  It's capable of handling the toughest ice road building tasks with ease for years without corrosion, rusting or suffering any other common damage.

The B-55 self-primes when placed into a pre-drilled hole in the ice. The pump’s 6 inch diameter line pipe is 10 inch long and gives the pump this special feature, provided a regular 6-inch auger is used to drill holes.

The B-55 pump has a self-draining feature which avoids costly and time-wasting freeze-ups. The impeller case allows the pump to self-drain when lifted out of ice holes.  As a result, the pump is usable even in the coldest conditions.

- Our B-55 flood pump not only avoids freeze-ups after use, it doesn’t freeze during use thanks to features such as the cold weather seals. The pump is built to allow the continuous passage of water, preventing freezing during use. This puts ours ahead of many ice-road building flood pumps in the market today.


-  The B-55 is very portable due to a discharge tube that is easily removed to allow easier transport. The pump is also lighter overall due to the lightweight aluminum construction, making it easy to move as needed.    

The B-55 has a recoil start much like a lawnmower so it's very easy to start.  

Unlike other flood pumps, our B-55 doesn’t overheat thanks to features such as grease bearings.

Download our B-55 brochure in PDF format:

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