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Ice Construction Services:

  • Ice Road Construction

  • Ice Flooding

  • Ice High Pressure Spraying

  • Snow Fills

  • Snow Making

  • Grounded Ice Fills

  • Ice Crossing Planning & Design

  • Ice GPR Testing

  • Heavy Capacity Ice Platforms

  • Snow Cats & Plowing

  • Snow/Ice Ramps

For the Purposes of:

  • Hydro Transmission Line Construction

  • Pipeline Construction

  • High Capacity Drill Pads (500,000+ lb capacity)

  • Ice Roads & Ice Bridges across rivers/streams

  • Eco-sensitive Wetlands Crossings

  • Bush road snow clearing, and swamp packing

  • Bridge Construction & Piling Work

  • Ice profiling

  • Ice airstrip Construction for  Hercules Aircraft or Smaller



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We have 3 main machine types that are used for thickening the ice pads or ice roads:

Flood pumps

- are very portable and you can use any number of pumps to build larger areas fast. Pads or roads is ideal.

Flood auger

- is highly mobile, being towed behind bombardier or truck. This machine can sneak into lakes that only a snowmobile can get into. This is a great unit for road building.

High Pressure Spray rigs

- are for thicker pad development: they are significantly heaver than the other 2 options but the ice gain per day is phenomenal. Generally used for high capacity drill pads. Excellent for 24 hour operation.

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