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Spray Unit

Spray Unit Operating Features

When time is against you, you must act fast. The only way to build ice fast is to use spray ice.

This method is unique because it pulls the water from under the ice into a high pressure pump, using the high horse power of the John Deere Diesel engine it fires the water out of the cannon up into the -40C winter air. It reaches an altitude of about 125+ feet (38 meters) and covers a radius of approx 230 feet (70 meters).


As the water is traveling through the air, it is cooling at a very rapid rate. In about 3 seconds, the water is now falling out of the sky and hitting the ice surface and piling up in a hump. This SUPER COOLED water is so cold it creates a slush pile that will not run away like regular water pumped onto the ice. So with this method you can “stack” up spray ice slush. With regular movement of the cannon you create a smooth ice surface. With the right weather conditions building 4 to 6 inches of ice per day is about average.


  • John Deere 4 cylinder Diesel Engine 120 HP no emissions filters equipped

  • Engine comes with digital control panel with onboard computer with diagnostic display and digital gauges

  • Can be mounted to a trailer or your choice of carrier

  • Has full 360 degree high quality LED lighting inside and out to work 24 hours a day

  • High pressure capable water cannon, 360 degree swivel and 180 degree vertical with interchangeable composite tips. Rotation positive lock and vertical friction lock.

  • Door at engine panel and engine, Barn doors for access to pump at rear and suction hose

  • 650 Litre double wall fuel tank

  • Espar diesel engine heater with 7 day programmer

  • Aluminum deck tread and hand rail for added safety while operating the cannon

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